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How to Make Money from Investing

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These days it is not enough to simply pack away money for a rainy day. To know how to make money from investing is absolutely vital. This reality has always been there, but in today’s world it becomes even more vital to secure your own future retirement. We spend half of our lives trying to find the right combination of factors and investments to build our money. With companies going bust and government funding being as unstable as ever, you need to pick some good investments and be smart with your hard earned cash. Here are 5 ways on how to make money from investing and to get you off and running toward a secure future:

How to Make Money from Investing

How to Make Money by investing

Invest on an automated schedule

If you set up your investments to come out of your check or account automatically, you really will get used to not having it. The key to any good investment is steady growth and an automated investment works wonders for this. Figure out how much you want going where, and then set it up to fly on autopilot. Your paycheck will seem a bit short for a bit, but that will pass in no time. 

Only swing for the fences with 10 percent

 Gambling with high risk stocks can be a good time but when you lose it stinks. The worst part is that your odds are so terrible. Find some high risk stable investment stocks and invest no more than 10 percent of your allotment at the most if you must. Some folks simply can’t resist and there is money to be made. Just make it so that your losses don’t hurt so much at a minimum.

Revisit your portfolio yearly

Your investment profile is almost certain to change at least once a year because life tends to move at that speed. People get married, have kids, send kids to college and countless other life events. Spend some time reviewing your investments and figure out which ones need adjusting and which ones are fine. Do this at least once per year and more often if your life is changing rapidly.


It is the oldest advice in the book, but it still holds true as ever. It is also one of the best when it comes to 5 ways to invest your money.  Diversify your investments so that all of your eggs are not in one basket. Put a little here and a little there so that when things go up and down, you don’t feel it quite so much. Diversification allows you to have a bit of an umbrella.

Utilize the pros if you are outside your own expertise

So many people go out and try to wing it when it comes to investments and it is sad. It is awesome to go out and try to do something yourself. The problem is, investing is not a beginner-type proposition. The pros sometimes struggle at making money. Compare it to a professional athlete. You would not line up in front of Lebron James and expect to beat him one on one would you?

Why then do you think you could guess the right stocks and bonds with no experience? Consult a pro and at least get good advice before doing it on your own. You will be richer for it.

Although we learned about how to make money from investing, the key is finding the right methods that fit you. By using the professionals, diversifying your funds and being careful about high risk type investments, you can build a financial profile that will always be stable and secure. Investing is not easy, but it is worthwhile. Without it, retirement is going to be a very difficult thing indeed. Consider these tips before diving in.

As your financial advisor, I am always available for a chat. I could show you the ways you can earn maximum returns for the money you invest in. Find me also on my facebook page . This is a place, I guarantee you will find me any time of the day 🙂


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